Mr. Amit Fulsunhe

Faculty Co-ordinator

Activities and Events under Technoformers Club

National Technology Day Celebration:

  1. Conduction of group discussion on a topic titled, “Electric Vehicles Catching Fire & Probable Solutions” for third year and second year students.


  1. National Technology Day Program and felicitation of first two group discussion winner students.


The purpose of this event was to

  1. Make aware of Electric Vehicle Opportunities & Challenges in India

  2. To identify & get sustainable solutions for problems associated with Electric Vehicles

  3. To make aware of Production Linked Incentives Scheme (PLI) related to Electric Vehicles in India.

  4. Grooms public speaking & presentation skills

Key Achievements

All third year students and many second year students participated enthusiastically along with their important points for the group discussion on the topic given above. Faculty members also provided some insights to the students and also assisted and made sure the direction of the group discussion towards its relevant topic of concerned.


Nurturing Tomorrow's Tech Stars PrepAhead-23, organized by the diligent Technoformers Core team, took place on October 10th and 11th, 2023. This event was a significant milestone for aspiring tech enthusiasts and students keen on securing Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs). It aimed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace promising careers in the tech industry. The event was designed as a bridge between academic knowledge and industry demands, providing invaluable insights, skill building opportunities and connections with professionals. With a focus on knowledge, skill building and industry insights, PrepAhead-23 was transformative experience that empowered students to navigate the competitive world of PPO opportunities and prepare for promising careers in the tech industry.

PerpAhead-23 was more than an event; it was an opportunity for the students to unlock their potential, gain insights from the experts and embark on a path that could lead to promising careers. It encouraged the students to embrace the dynamic world of tech, and connect with seasoned professionals who are pioneering the industry. The event concluded with the promise of more such initiatives and a renewed determination among students to excel in their tech endeavours. PerpAhead was a resounding success, a testament to the commitment of the Technoformers Core team and enthusiasm of the participating students. It was a memorable journey of knowledge, experience sharing and skill development. The event instilled the belief that the future of tech is bright, and with the right guidance and preparation, the stars of tomorrow will continue to shine in the world of technology.