Research Publications


Sr.No. Name Download Section
1 Spectroscopic and electrical studies of conducting polyaniline composites embedded nanostructure zinc sulfide DOWNLOAD
2 Cloud based storage for education DOWNLOAD
3 Review of methods of seed sowing and concept of multipurpose seed sowing machine DOWNLOAD
4 Design of an energy efficient algorithm for sending video data through wireless sensing network DOWNLOAD
5 Seat design of truck for improved ergonomics and comfort for driver DOWNLOAD
6 Challenges in designing interface chip for wearable healthcare system DOWNLOAD
7 Synthesis and characterization of graphite doped chitosan composite for batch adsorption of Lead (II) ions DOWNLOAD
8 Adsorption characterization of Pb(II) ions onto iodate doped chitosan composite DOWNLOAD
9 A ground zero support to the soldier from the sky DOWNLOAD
10 Activated carbon from Luffa cylindrica doped chitosan for mitigation of Lead (II) from and aqueous solution DOWNLOAD
11 Pb(II) ions adsorption onto biomaterial chitosan hydrogel beads_Isotherm and kinetic studies DOWNLOAD