HOD's Desk

Welcome to MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Nagpur, Department of Mechanical Engineering. We began our trip in the year 2012. We have grown our knowledge and skill in the core Mechanical Engineering curriculum and research over the previous one decade. We provide an excellent mechanical engineering undergraduate programme. The authorised student strengths of B. Tech is 60 every year. Our department provides science-based engineering education. Our curriculum's principal goal is to teach students technical skills, encourage problem solving, and support the development of new technologies. The department provides a vast number of elective courses to provide students with a diverse range of opportunities for pursuing their interests. The course materials are updated on a regular basis to reflect new scientific and technical breakthroughs. Undergraduate students are invited to participate in a variety of research projects. Our department has active research groups that work on collaborative and multidisciplinary projects. To complement our academic programmes and research, we have cutting-edge research facilities. Research funding enables us to sustain and update our research infrastructure. Our department has a good history of excellence in both teaching and research. Faculty members are well renowned and have outstanding academic qualifications. They have received numerous major national and international honours. Several faculty members serve on national and international journal editorial boards, regularly examine technical articles for journals, and organize international symposia and conferences. This website provides an overview of our department's academic programmes, research activities, research facilities, faculty profiles, and student activities. We hope that this website is useful to you, whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, work in industry, attend another university, or are a guest.

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