Sessions/Guest Lectures from Industry Experts

Technical Talk by Ms. Debasmita Mohanty

Topic: HVAC Scope

Introduction :

The CCOEW, Material Advantage Student Chapter (MASC) Nagpur, an esteemed institution known for its unwavering commitment to advancing technical knowledge and enriching the academic experience of its students, continued its tradition of excellence on the 20th of February 2023. On this significant date, they once again exemplified their steadfast dedication to their students and the broader community by orchestrating a truly remarkable and enlightening technical talk. This carefully curated event delved into the intricate realm of "Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning System - Its Scopes & Technical," an industry that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the comfort, safety, and well-being of individuals across various sectors.

Speaker’s Profile:

The presence of Ms. Debasmita Mohanty as the distinguished speaker for the event was a pivotal element that elevated the technical talk to a level of extraordinary significance. Her illustrious journey through the realms of mechanical engineering and HVAC systems showcased a unique blend of expertise, experience, and accomplishment. Ms. Mohanty is not just an alumnus of CCOEW Nagpur; she is an embodiment of the institution's commitment to producing outstanding professionals. Ms. Mohanty's exceptional journey through the world of mechanical engineering and HVAC systems made her a highly anticipated and respected speaker for the session. Her extensive experience and profound expertise in the HVAC field brought a touch of authenticity to the event.

Unraveling the HVAC Mysteries:

The technical talk's core objective was to enlighten students from the Mechanical Department about the vast opportunities that lie within the world of HVAC systems. As Ms. Mohanty took the stage, her insights not only expanded horizons but also revealed numerous applications and prospects for engineering students in this dynamic field.In pursuit of a deeper understanding, the session delved into the intricate technical aspects of HVAC systems. Terms like "psychrometrics," "heat transfer," and "thermodynamic cycles" were explored in detail, equipping students with a profound knowledge of the principles, components, and working mechanisms that underpin these essential systems. The exploration of such technical terms allowed students to gain a holistic understanding of HVAC systems, emphasizing both theory and practical applications.

Navigating the HVAC Landscape:

Understanding the technical nuances of HVAC systems was not enough; grasping the broader market dynamics was equally vital. The talk provided students with a comprehensive overview of the HVAC industry, both locally and globally. Technical terms like "HVAC market trends," "sustainability practices," and "emerging technologies" were dissected, enabling students to gauge the pulse of this ever-evolving sector. This market insight allowed students to comprehend the current trends and demands, setting the stage for them to explore their potential in the engineering field.

An Interactive Learning Experience:

The organizers made a conscious effort to ensure that learning was not a one-way street. The technical talk encouraged interaction and engagement. Students were actively encouraged to participate by posing questions, seeking clarifications, and engaging in discussions that revolved around HVAC systems and their applicability in the world of engineering. This interactive approach not only heightened the learning experience but also fostered a sense of curiosity and exploration among the students.

Talk by Ms. Mohini Modak

Topic : 5S An Effective Tool for an Efficient Workspace


On the 17th of March 2023, the Material Advantage Student Chapter at Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCOEW) in Nagpur orchestrated a profoundly enlightening technical talk centered on the subject of "5S: An Effective Tool for an Efficient Workspace." The session was skill fully administered by the accomplished IT professional, trainer, columnist, and blogger, Ms. Mohini Modak. Ms. Modak's impressive credentials encompass a master's degree in mass communication from Amravati University, coupled with a profound expertise in the domains of Kaizen and 5S principles.

Speaker's Profile:

Ms. Mohini Modak, with her extensive exposure to the realms of IT and training, brought forth a plethora of knowledge to the forefront. Her background as a journalist, combined with her adeptness in Kaizen and 5S principles, rendered her an exemplary choice for the subject matter. Ms. Modak's prowess extends to her role as the director of Horizon Web Technologies, specializing in website designing, digital marketing, content creation, and training. Her professional journey and accolades contributed immeasurable credibility to the session.

Organizational Efforts:

The triumph of this technical talk could not have been possible without the unwavering diligence of the Material Advantage Student Chapter executive committee. Their relentless commitment to the conceptualization, planning, and execution of such scholarly events underscored their dedication to disseminating valuable knowledge and insights.

Focus on 5S Principles:

Ms. Mohini Modak's discourse bore a primary emphasis on introducing the 5S principles as a potent mechanism for augmenting workplace efficiency. She expounded upon the five fundamental tenets of 5S, namely Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Set in order), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize), and Shitsuke (Sustain). These principles were delineated as indispensable tools in the enhancement of workspace optimization.In tandem with the exposition of the 5S principles, Ms. Modak adroitly elucidated the distinctive features that separate Kaizen from 5S. The students present gained a profound insight into how these principles synergize, contributing to the continuum of progress and refinement within an operational framework.