About R&D Cell


Research output, knowledge creation, and innovation contribute to an educational institution's strength. The vision and mission of MKSSS's Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCoEW), Nagpur, are to seek and promote research in frontier technologies as well as in the various engineering disciplines. For any education, specifically technical education, the basic model of a ‘teaching – only’ institution is inadequate to ensure quality education.


The introduction of new technology occurs often in all technical education areas, making knowledge dynamic. Since they must regularly refresh their knowledge of the disciplines, the teachers in this situation can't provide teaching of a high calibre without being aware of recent developments in those fields. Being an active researcher in the fields that interest you is a widely accepted strategy for dealing with this paradigm among teachers. They must comprehend historical and contemporary changes in their fields of study to be effective researchers.


The Research and Development cell was established at CCoEW to inculcate research and innovative skills among faculty and students. R&D Cell provides a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish young minds in Institute. Innovative breakthroughs will happen only because of the meticulous efforts of R&D. The Institute provides the platform to facilitate basic common research infrastructure for individuals to execute collaborative work.