Coder Club

Cummins College of Engineering for women Nagpur installed Coder’s Club for the students. The club focuses on developing coding skills and abilities of the students. The important objective of the club is to make students ready for the future placements.

Committee and Team Members

Sr. No.

Planning Committee Member


Execution Committee Members


Evaluation Committee Members



Sejal Kalambhe

Ayushee Bhawsagar


Ritika singh


Rupal Bemarkar

Vaidehi Wakde

Anushree zade



Sanjiti Pimpalkar

Swati patlel


Ankita Bafila



Aqsa Fatima

Prachi Chaudhari



Activities conducted under Coder’s Club

1. Throwing the problem definition

2. Peer-to Peer learning

3. Poster making

4. Front end Design

1) Problem definition will be identified by faculty and provided to the planning committee of students. They will circulate it into all year student’s groups and will be evaluated in next week by the students’ member of evaluation committee.

2) The peer to peer learning is the second activity –in this activity planning committee members will collect and maintain the data related to the skills develop by the students by doing courses on NPTEL, COURSERA etc. Execution committee will execute the activity among the students by sharing their skill with their friends and juniors.

3) For the Poster Making students have to visit library and issue the journals related to their mini and minor project. They will prepare poster for the same. Evaluations committee will arrange the poster exhibition to find out the best one.

4) The best poster will display on the notice board in next week.

5) The front end design activity: student will design attractive front end for provided topic and technologies. Evaluation will be based on some criteria such as how smartly the student have created the web pages by using the attractive images, videos, links, pop- up etc.


Workshop on “Start with C ”

Coders Club is exuberantly conducted fundamental 2 Days offline workshop on C-language

Keynote Lessons includes   

  • Programming Skills

  • Start with C

  • Mastering the most popular language of 21st century!!

Its core features comprises of ability and uniqueness on how beneficial it can be in developing a website or Software.